About Us
About Us
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Our Mission

  • Offering a service of exceptional quality.
  • Providing an affordable and reliable service.
  • Creating and abiding by an image of credibility and excellence.
  • Focusing on excellence, flexibility, professional skills development and productivity.
  • Maintaining long-term valuable relationships with existing clients and potential clients.
  • Establishing a good reputation by successfully completing all projects on time on-quality and on budget.

These core values make us highly competitive in the construction industry today.


Advantages of Using Axton Matrix

  • Reliable service delivery and commitment to sound business principles.
  • Project execution to the highest standards within budget and time constraints.
  • Management and administration by a dynamic team focused on projects of professional quality.
  • Personnel with acquired, extensive experience working on different projects in different companies and environments, all with unique challenges.

Ownership & Corporate Social Responsibility

As a wholly-owned black company, we are strongly committed to the economic transformation of Africa and execute this by aligning recruitment policies and engaging willingly in social transformation.